consortium premium pisco Peru Awarded among the most outstanding companies of the 2020 Export Route Program consortium premium pisco Peru Awarded among the most outstanding companies of the 2020 Export Route Program consortium premium pisco Peru Awarded among the most outstanding companies of the 2020 Export Route Program consortium premium pisco Peru Awarded among the most outstanding companies of the 2020 Export Route Program consortium premium pisco Peru Awarded among the most outstanding companies of the 2020 Export Route Program


We are a group of family companies that produce Pisco that, based on history, defend the quality of Pisco by prioritizing traditional or artisanal methods. To this end, we combine our strengths and experiences with the objective of positioning our products in the international spirituous beverages market.

History and Value Proposition

After years of independent efforts and competing in the local market with large companies for the production, import and marketing of alcoholic beverages, in 2019, more than 20 Pisco producing companies were shortlisted and summoned by PROMPERU to form an Export Consortium. After outlining the basic aspects of formation, the Consortium was made up of 8 companies committed to the same purpose: Bodegas y Viñedos Casas SAC, Grupo Moquillaza SAC, Bodega y Destilería el Molino SAC, Inversiones Sotomayor Velásquez SAC, Monte Grande EIRL, Villa Natalia 1903 SAC, Vinícola Victoria de los Sánchez SAC and Vitivinícola La Pampa SAC.

The Consortium’s mission is to enhance, build and develop the category of piscos produced using artisanal or traditional methods in the domestic and international markets.

We offer pisco produced by family businesses, with a production process mainly manual and focused on achieving the best quality. We use selected pisquera grapes, always grown in the eographical area of the winery. Pisco is produced and bottled in its place of origin.

Our purpose is to contribute to the development of Peruvian families dedicated directly and indirectly to the Pisco’s production.

Production Process


Pisco has a single input, and that is the pisquera grape. The production process begins in the cultivation, in the vineyard. The annual campaign begins with pruning, to continue with the growth stages of the vine: buds, flowering, fruit set, development, veraison and maturity, During these stages, it will be essential to carry out the care and control tasks until the vintage.


Once the grapes reach maturity, they are ready to be vintaged (or harvested). At this stage it is important to measure the sweetness and acidity indicators that guarantee the optimum state for the vintage. In our case this process is manual, with expert winemakers who master their work.


These harvested grapes are placed in harvest javas of about 20 to 25 kg. capacity for their transfer to the winery. This allows for proper handling so that the grapes arrive in perfect condition at the winery.

Destemming / Crushing

Process where the berries are squeezed to obtain the grape must. In some cases the traditional grape treading is still used.


It is carried out in the lagar, where the must rests together with the grape skins, allowing the extraction of the aromatic substances typical of pisquera grapes.

Devatting / Press

Once the maceration is completed, the solid elements (skins, pulp and seeds) are separated. These elements are placed inside the manual press to obtain kindly the pressing juice.


Once the clean must is obtained, it is transferred to the fermentation tanks. This is where the natural sugar contained in the must is transformed into alcohol by the action of the yeasts. This process is known as fermentation or vinification, and can take several days depending on the degree of sweetness of the grapes, the variety and the temperature conditions. At this stage, the greatest amount of aromas are produced that will later be appreciated in Pisco.


This recently fermented must is loaded into the still or falca to be distilled. Distillation consists of heating the must in order to evaporate the alcohol produced during fermentation. Subsequently, condensation takes place and finally Pisco is obtained, which is obtained by degree, that is to say, the resulting distillate is obtained directly at the final alcohol content established by the DO regulations, between 38 and 48 Gay Lussac.


Once the Pisco is obtained, it is aged for a minimum of three months, according to the regulations. Many of our products are aged for more than a year to achieve a better assembled, integrated and harmonious Pisco.


After resting, the Pisco is filtered and bottled for its subsequent commercialization.



Pisco 4 Fundos was born from the passion and love for Pisco, but most of all from the love for our traditions and the desire to make the best of what is ours. This adventure began in December 2001 with Martin Santa Maria, who is the founder and producer. Our vineyard is located in the Mala Valley, San Antonio just 80 kilometers south of Lima.

4 Fundos represents a Limited Edition Premium Pisco, elaborated for the most demanding consumers of our flagship drink. The production is exclusive and its main objective is to maintain the highest quality in its inputs and production, therefore we use only grapes from our vineyards.


Finca 314 is the story of a legacy of women dedicated to the artisanal production of Pisco for more than 190 years; from our great-great-grandmother “Etelvina”, one of the pioneering women in the production of Pisco prioritizing the artisanal method, to the fifth generation of the family, formed by Claudia, Gabriela and Fátima Moquillaza Robatty. We have taken up these family ties, respecting the original and ancestral infrastructure of the winery (presence of fermenters, wine press, still, fire pit, tank and pisquera), as well as the ancestral way of making Pisco.


Pampas Winery, with its registered trademark Pampas de Ica, is a family business dedicated to the production of high quality piscos and wines. Pampas is a Quechua word, which refers to a wide and desert area, such as the one found in the Santiago valley in the Pampas de los Castillos sector. Our vineyards are located in this Valley, they are fertile lands, with many hours of sun, with sandy loam soils, rich in organic matter and minerals that provide a well-marked typicality to our products.


We are the winery that initiates the Pisco Route in Pativilca, Barranca, Lima Region. We are a family that bet on the traditional and artisanal elaboration of our flagship drink with a graphic inspired in Caral, the first civilization of South America. We have our own vineyard, our own production system and national and international Gold Medals that certify the quality of our products. We are Bodega Velasquez, our mission is to produce the Piscos and Wines that you deserve.


Bodega Victoria is located in the CPM Lúcumo, which is a beautiful place located on the left bank of the Cañete River, belonging to the district of Lunahuaná, province of Cañete, Lima region – Peru. This is an area rich in history, with a privileged climate, quiet and ecological.

Our winery was founded by Victoria Montalván Ávalos and Francisco Sánchez Presentación, given our mother Victoria’s winemaking experience acquired in the management of their grandparents’ winery called “La Sin Rival”, which at the beginning of the 20th century was one of the most renowned wineries in the Cañete River Valley.

Francisco after 31 years of service in the Civil Guard returns with our mother to his homeland to give another great start with the planting of vineyards and the production of Wines & Piscos in Bodega Victoria.


Pisco Distillery located in the district of Tate, in the department of Ica; We are a company with a long family history dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, currently we are under the production of the fourth generation. We own Pisco De Carral, a high-end brand with 6 varieties, four varietals, a pisco acholado and two green musts.

Pisco De Carral has received more than 40 national and international awards for its six varieties of pisco, among them the National Pisco Contests, the Pisco Expo, the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition – New York and the Brussels World Contest.


Las Once is a young family business that was born with the idea of elaborating pisco, prioritizing artisanal methods with the highest quality that represent the true spirit of Peru.

Our commitment and promise to our customers is to provide a Premium quality product; therefore we use the perfect combination of passion, tradition and technology to achieve the most exquisite pisco in the world.


Our history as a pisco company goes back approximately 100 years, when the Casas family settled in the valley of Catapalla – Lunahuaná, applying the knowledge of planting, cultivation and making of wines and piscos..

After many years of history and mysticism in the handling of these delicious delicacies (as one of the ancestors, Don Fausto Casas, called it), the Casas family decided to spread this ancestral knowledge through their products with that perfect balance of aromas and flavors.

Our Members

Martín Santa María Fernández Stoll
Winery 4 Fundos

Martín Santa María Fernández Stoll was born in Lima, Perú, on August 24, 1969. Industrial Engineer from the University of Lima, Master in Finance from the Universidad del Pacífico, Certificate in wines and spirits from the “Wine & Spirit Education Trust” level 2 Producer, founder, owner and General Manager of Monte Grande, a company that makes Pisco 4 Fundos recognized with a large number of national and international awards. President of the Peruvian Academy of Pisco. He considers himself as a bohemian engineer with a farmer's soul.

Miguel Casas
Wineries and Vineyards Casas

Wineries and Vineyards Casas is a company with a family tradition, dedicated to the production of piscos and wines. Miguel and Richard, engineers from the National University of ngineering and with studies abroad, descendants of the Casas Family, are the ones who lead this organization since its formation in 2014, achieving numerous recognition in various competitions. Our family tradition has more than 100 years of mystique in the production of piscos and wines, achieving the preference of the demanding national and international consumer.

Cesar Augusto Sánchez Montalván
Winery Victoria

Economist by profession, passionate all his life of a beautiful family tradition in the culture of Wines and Pisco in Lunahuaná. Committed to take the reins of the company with total dedication, always supported by the great family of Pisco Victoria de los Sánchez.

Ismael Carpio Amoroto
Winery Pampas de Ica

Pampas de Ica, is a young family project committed to the constant improvement of the quality of pisco products and processes, focused on innovation. It was created in 2012, since then it has earned a place in the wine world and has won numerous national awards for its quality and flavor.

Héctor Sotomayor Velásquez
Winery Velásquez

Bachelor of Arts with a Mention in Graphic Design from PUCP, he has been working in Corporate Image, Branding and Illustration in different jobs at the same time he performed his duties at Inversiones Sotomayor Velásquez SAC (SOVELSAC), Pisco Velásquez production company. He is in charge of the Visual Identity of the Brand, Design in General and Social Media, he is also in charge of the Events, Dissemination and Marketing of Pisco Velásquez. He represents SOVELSAC in the Consortium.

Claudia Moquillaza Robatty
Winery Finca 314

We are a Bicentennial Family Wine Cellar, referents of the “Presence of Women in the Pisco Industry“. Certified with HACCP and PGH for the Piscos Medalleros lines nationally and internationally. We have our own cultivation fields where we grow our pisco grapes naturally (patrimonial). We also rely on the work of our community of women harvesters, part of our “Social Responsibility Program“, aimed at the Empowerment of Women.

José Chomón Salgado
Winery Villa Natalia

Welcome! Thanks for your interest in our products. We invite you to contact us. Our Pisco De Carral and the quebranta grape from Ica are unique in the world. The products of Winery Villa Natalia are aimed at the demanding and knowledgeable Peruvian and world consumer, who enjoys high quality spirits and wines. We are interested in doing business inside and outside the country, with importers, distributors, retailers, hotels, restaurants and bars that value quality, honesty, social environmental responsibility and a long-term vision.

Giovanni Ormaeche Reyes
El Molino Winery and Distillery

We are going to take Las Once, this tradition was born in colonial times. Our ancestors had restricted the consumption of our brandy, Pisco, for this reason they used “Las Once” (XI) as a key word or secret code, which is equivalent to the eleven letters of the word “AGUARDIENTE”. The tribute to our ancestors the lovers of pisco, Las Once is born.